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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the device work?
Device filters ambient air and transports the air directly via a headset to nose and mouth.


How will the air be filtered?
Device has a replaceable filter with unparalleled efficiency for (nano)particles, toxic gases, odours, pollen and viruses.


Does it do a better job than facemasks?
Sure, it gives easy breathing without any resistance and pressurized clean air without leaking.


What does make the device unique?
It has no mask, but a comfortable, extremely light headset (less than 150 grams), a stylish design, without stigmatisation and automatically controlled airflow.


What advantage does this have?
You can show your expression, your identity, your body language, while you use it. Allows you to phone, to eat, to drink, while in use.


Is it suitable for Covid-19?
Sure, it will filter any droplets/aerosols containing viruses; individual viruses will be contained and absorbed in the filter. No necessary intermediate or daily replacement of filter.
Easy-on, easy-off and no hygiene/contamination problem ( headset can be touched with has no virus contamination.


Can device be used in combination with face glasses?
Model is compatible with any type of glasses. Airflow can be adjusted so that glasses will not become dimmed.


Can you wear headphones or hearing aids?
Device is suitable for combination with headphones and hearing aids.


What is the expected filter life?
Typically 50-100 hrs, depending on the intensity of the pollution.


How many sizes?
One-size-fits-all. One-time prefit by user.


Is it a smart device?
Sure, it gives user information over filter and battery life, over user history, over expected pollution levels and advice over how and where to use.

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