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We from APICS want to provide everyone with clean (filtered) air wherever you are, through the AeroPED.


We have developed and patented an innovative technique, with which we will launch an innovative consumer health product, a high-quality wearable air purifier, which meets all relevant standards for safety.

Various market research and tests endorse the added value, quality and attractiveness for consumers.


The Team, suppliers and our partners forms the knowledge, experience and quality systems with which the AeroPED can be successfully offered on the consumer market within a short time.


Partly due to Covid-19 measures, the extreme demand for protective equipment such as mouth masks and their practical and hygienic objections, we have decided to accelerate the deployment of AeroPED technology. In the short term, with this innovation we can offer everyone clean and safe air, comfortably, without full coverage of the face.

We bring an ambition that contributes to the
UN Sustainable Development Goals to prevent victims of air pollution.

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